The Anatomy of Buying Local

People often ask us what we mean when we say that buying American-made helps the community, so we decided to make this graphic to help show all the amazing ways that spending your dollars on local-made goods helps. Purchasing items that are made here in the USA helps the economy on both a micro and macro level! Aside from the obvious results that shopping local at UNIQUE USA gives us all (getting a quality product and feeling good about buying from someone in your community), when you buy items made abroad you're helping another country's infrastructure but when you buy things made here at home you're putting money right back into local infrastructure. Here are a few ways your dollars help:

  • Business owner tax dollars (city, state AND federal) go toward public services. That's everything from our public schools and police safety patrols to highway improvements and local parks!
  • As a small business grows they have to outsource, hire freelancers and/or begin to hire employees, helping to create jobs in their community.
  • They also use numerous service providers, who are themselves each small business owners in the neighborhood, such as printers, couriers, manufacturers, accountants, etc. The cycle is continuous!  

So while you may spend a few more dollars on things made in the USA, when you're buying American-made your dollar is going toward much more then a beautiful, locally-produced product. Yay!

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