Thanksgiving is a time for reflection, love, celebration, laughter... It's about gratitude and community. So we've created #MoreStuffingLessStuff to show our commitment to spending time with loved ones instead of shopping, and we hope you'll spread the above image too! We are so thankful that you have discovered and joined us - you are our community, you are everything! Over the last week, especially with the recent events and mood across America, we'd like to encourage you to spend time with friends, family, loved ones, neighbors throughout the holiday weekend. This Thanksgiving, let's break the ill-suited tradition of being attached to a screen or device of some sort to surf the web for deals or getting up at the break of dawn to wait in line at conglomerate businesses to buy products that are, quite frankly, sh*t. This important holiday is not about shopping at all! We encourage you to revel in the act of cooking and communal eating with people that you love. We hope you will get outdoors and go for a walk or hike in your community and neighborhood. Volunteer or donate money to a local organization that is doing great work.

Do you really need that 85" TV? Or that extra "must-have" trend of the year that will sit in the back of your closet?

Community is important because it's what ties us together despite differences. We may indeed each be unique, but we're all human and the one truth that we share is that we have the same beginning and end. What we do in-between, what we do with our time is the good stuff! Find and engage in community, whether it's through a common interest such as food or mopeds, or within an organization such as volunteering at a seniors home or joining a club at work. Taking part in community and being a strong member of your community is more important than ever! Take the time to get to know your neighbors, your neighborhood and your city. By discovering the people  around you, who live nearby and who share common interests you gain a sense of home and community. Community is about compassion, empathy, understanding. Being part of a community is so important because it brings a sense of purpose, a sense of neighborhood, and you have people that you can talk to and rely on for help.

We hope you will share and spread #MoreStuffingLessStuff on Instagram and Twitter because Thanksgiving is about so much more than saving a few dollars on Black Friday!

Let's put an end to this consumerism madness! It's an endless cycle that does little but produce waste, anxiety and debt. Thanksgiving is about family, friends and spending time with each other. It's about being thankful for the things you have, not wishing for things you don't. So join us, show us what Thanksgiving means to you, how you're celebrating and what you're thankful for this year: share the hashtag #MoreStuffingLessStuff. Let's eat, drink and celebrate what we're thankful for with family, even those awkward cousins and long-winded uncles. But let's not, of all things, waste our hard-earned money and precious time buying cheap, disposable sh*t we don't need. Instead, wait to do your holiday shopping and buy high-quality goods that will last, made here in America with love and care, at our LA Holiday Market Dec 6 & 7, at Renegade Craft Fairs and Northern Grade events around the country, plus visit local stores and "Shop Small".

We are really, really excited to see your posts and pictures. Show us what Thanksgiving means to you. We'll repost our favorites via Instagram. Have a Great Thanksgiving Everyone!


Team Unique USA 

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