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We exist to empower, inspire & gather community!

Helping to make small business a big deal since 2008…

Founded by community leader and female founder Sonja Rasula, we exist to help small business owners, artists and designers grow and succeed, while helping the masses discover quality independent items and emerging brands. We are passionate about what we do and are proud of the work we’ve accomplished over the past decade. Over $25 million has been spent at our popup marketplaces over the last decade (which goes directly back into the local economy because it’s going to local, small business owners) and we've worked with over 10,000 entrepreneurs from around North America.

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Why sell at Unique Markets? Designers and artists explain why they love to sell with us.


"Unique Markets was a HUGE game changer for me. I was exposed to so many people in such a short amount of time... It helped me create that personal connection within my community as well as get recognition on a bigger scale. Buyers from boutiques and large companies walk Unique all the time. We were discovered by Forever 21 who went on to carry select pieces from the line as well as stylists for major TV shows that bought for their whole cast and still continue to do so." - Katie, Katie Dean Jewelry

"From the very first time I ever participated in a Unique show, I knew I was becoming part of a special community of designers and makers. There is a great energy in the weeks leading up to the events and then when everyone is there together setting up, putting on display the labors of their love it's just really cool. Sonja has created a great platform for talented people to showcase their stuff!" - Robert, RS Handmade

"What I love about participating in UniqueLA is that the events are organized, advertised, and executed really well. Because of that, the positive energy that you get from the meeting of carefully curated local businesses and thousands of interested consumers is difficult to find elsewhere. It's my favorite show, and I always look forward to meeting other vendors and selling my products in such a supportive, joyful, and truly unique environment!" - Sharon, Baluku Design

"Unique was a great opportunity to help me grow my business through pure genuine interaction with the variety of attendees. From buyers to small business supporters, there is an awesome chance to get your stuff out to the universe and see what happens." - Avenue Dee

"Through Unique I have made friends that taught me skills, shared leads and sources, offered support, and inspired me to continue working. I have met buyers, boutique owners, and a customer base that care to buy local and support small businesses. It's an inclusive community spearheaded by Sonja and the Unique team. And it's through their work and dedication that the Markets stay fresh and significant."Jeannine, Honey My Heart 

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