DIY: Polka Dot Jeans


I am a denim fanatic and am always on the lookout for great new styles to add to my wardrobe.  When I saw this adorable pair byMarc Jacobs, I knew what my next DIY would be.  I love that he used a light washed denim with distressing; it is such a fun and refreshing take on polka dots.



- Mossimo distressed denim (here) - 3/4" circle sponge brush (here) - Tulip fabric paint (here) - paper plate - ruler

 Steps: 1. Add about one tbsp of water to 3 tbsp of white fabric paint on a paper plate.  I chose to water the paint down a bit to match the look of the washed out denim. 2. Mix the paint and water together and dip your circle sponge brush into the paint mixture. 3. Press the circle sponge brush onto the denim. I painted the first dot at the front side of the denim, near the belt loops. 4. Measure the next line of polka dots. Mine are about 3" apart horizontally and 1 1/2" apart vertically. 5. Continue to paint the dots all over the front side. Let dry for a couple hours, then paint the back side. Let fully dry. It is important to set the fabric paint, if you plan on washing the jeans later. Once the dots are fully dry, set the iron on medium and run across the front and back side of the pant a couple times. Remember to constantly move the iron, and not to use steam.