Sailor Jerry Spiced Cider Punch

Yes, its me again with another mixed drink recipe! This time, however, its very special. If you've been to our 2011 Holiday show and had a chance to try the famous Sailor Jerry Spiced Cider Punch, then you'll definitely want to try to make this en su casa (awkward translation: at your house). Anyway, lets get straight to the recipe:
Sailor Jerry Spiced Cider Punch
1 Part Sailor Jerry Rum
.5 Part Fresh Lime Juice
.5 Part Cinnamon/Clove/Orange Peel Simple Syrup*
.5 Part Apple Cider or Fresh Pressed Apple Juice
.25 Part Solerno Blood Orange Liqueur
Top with Champagne
Garnish with cinamon caramelized apple slices, lime wheel slices and/or orange wheel slices*
* Simple Syrup is simply 50:50 ratio of sugar + water. You can boil it to melt it, or just shake vigorously in a slosed container to fully mix. To make the syrup mentioned above, simple boil a pot of 50:50 ratio water/sugar and also add a cinnamon stick, a few cloved and a few slices of orange peel. Cool before using in punch.
* For garnish, in a frying pan, add a pat of butter, a sprinkle of cinnamon and brown sugar. Lay thin whole slices of an apple in the pot and let brown. Sprinkle with cinnamon/sugar, then flip. Add a touch of Sailor Jerry rum just to decaramelize the pan and add flavor. Float these in the punch.
Combine all ingredients in a pitcher or large punch bowl. If you don't have a measuring glass, use a pint glass and simply fill one "part" or half part or a quarter part full.
For ice, either freeze a cake-mold the night before for one big block of ice that slowly cools and melts without watering down the punch, or simply place punch bowl next to an ice bucket and individually fill each cup with ice.