Unique Success Story: Todo Verde

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We love Jocelyn Ramirez’s energy, enthusiasm and good vibes - which is why it’s been so rewarding to watch her grow her company over the past few years. Since starting Todo Verde in 2015, the company has more than tripled revenues (!) and fun fact, every Sunday at LA’s Smorgasburg they sell over 20 gallons of agua fresca!

Q & A with Todo Verde

When did you open your business?
Todo Verde started in 2015. 

Why did you start Todo Verde?
I started Todo Verde because I wanted to create more access to healthy plant based options that were culturally relevant. 

How has the business grown?
When I first started Todo Verde I had friends and family volunteer to help me run our farmers markets. We have now grown to a team of 10!

I love seeing what artists and makers are producing to push trends in a certain direction...

I heard you might be opening a permanent location… Is that true?
We are working on opening our first brick and mortar space in Boyle Heights in early 2020. We're excited to be open to the public several days a week and offer wellness skillshares and workshops led by our team and community partners. 

How has Unique Markets helped you and your business?
Unique has been a great space to continue to build community and share our mission with the larger LA community. It's also pushed us to explore new menu ideas and expand on what our customers love.  It's a space that allows vendors to share what they are most passionate about in a way where they can really connect to customers. 

Any standout customers or fans?
We catered a yoga and meditation event hosted by Usher a few months ago, and my staff was freaking out! We've also served Jonathon Gold, Evan Kleiman, Marcus Samuelson, and Marcela Valladolid.