To Do: Tour Downtown Lofts

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Okay, okay, you've heard it a lot lately: Downtown LA is becoming a hot-bed for art, design, food, mixology and all-things-cool. People tell you "it feels like a real city" but you're skeptical.However, if you are intrigued with moving to Downtown or just curious to see what is going on, we've got the perfect opportunity to do so!

The Downtown Center Business Improvement District has organized a free housing tour to provide an introduction to the many neighborhoods of Downtown. The tour showcases 6-7 residences that are available for lease or sale, so you can judge what it's like to live downtown for yourself.

Being a Downtown LA resident for almost three years, I love the urban feeling that downtown boasts. People actually walk on the sidewalks here, so there are always people 'out and about', unlike in the rest of the city. You can turn in any direction and go for dinner or find a hot new spot for drinks. One thing that I like is that there are numerous farmers markets held throughout the week, so getting fresh produce is just a walk away. Downtown is truly in its revival state. Plus from what I've heard there are a few big retail destinations slated to open in the next couple of years, which will help complete the area.

If you've ever thought about moving downtown, this is definitely something you should do. The next tour is on November 19, it starts at 10am and takes about 4 hours. It's free, you just need to sign up here.