Like many amazing entrepreneurs, jewelry design was not Pamela Love’s original path. She received her BFA in Experimental Film and Art Direction from New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts. After graduation she worked as an art director and painting assistant to renowned painter Francesco Clemente. Her background in cinema and the arts continues to inform her designs. Pamela Love’s creations are deeply spiritual and intuitive. She is heavily influenced by astronomy, astrology, alchemy, botany, the American Southwest and the architecture of her home, New York City.

"I fail often – it’s the best learning tool there is."

Since starting her own line from her apartment in 2007, she now has a full production facility and design studio in NYC. Pamela Love has collaborated with a wide-range of acclaimed and emerging artists, designers, and retail brands including OPENING CEREMONY, TOPSHOP, JCREW and ZAC POSEN. 

What makes your work unique? The story, the manufacturing, and the love that goes into each piece.

What advice do you have for people on making that switch from struggling creative to successful business owner? Start with a plan, a strategy, and some money saved up. I didn’t do any of that, but I wish I had – it would have been huge for us.

Everyone hears about success stories but it's important to hear about failure too. Can you share one of your failures? It’s hard to pick just one. I fail often – it’s the best learning tool there is.

Let's spread the love...Who is doing great work in your circle that you would love to give shout-outs to? Melissa Joy Manning, Audrey Louise Reynolds, Ace & Jig, Ulla Johnson

What app or program can you not live without? Instagram and ebay

What are a few of your favorite albums? Neil Young – On the Beach, Paul Simon – Graceland, and Fiona Apple – Idler Wheel

Everyone has an a-ha moment. When was yours? The day I realized that my friends who run businesses were dealing with all the same hurdles as me, that my problems were not specific to me – they are small business growing pains – and you can get through them by learning from other businesses who have surpassed those same hurdles. Everyone’s business seems shiny on the outside, but it’s usually a lot of smoke and mirrors. There are always struggles for every small business and big business.