Please continue to check this page. It will constantly be updated. All the information you need with live on the Vendor Portal.

*IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are emailing Roxanne about anything regarding the markets, please include your company name in the email.

Important Dates:

  1. March 14th: ALL Vendor Payments are due

  2. March 15th: Last day to receive a FULL refund if canceling

  3. March 20th: If you are a food vendor: Health Permit Forms are due

  4. April 7th: Unique University

  5. April 12th: If you are a food vendor: Health Permit fees are due

  6. April 19th: Furniture rentals due

  7. April 25th: Extra Electricity orders are due

  8. April 29th: Instagram takeover #1

  9. May 6th: Instagram takeover #2

  10. May 10th: Vendor move in at the California Market Center