Must-Know Tips for Marketing Your Small Business to Millennials

An important aspect to creating a brand is defining your target market. Generational marketing is a tactic used by brands to capture the attention of different age groups. Most brands today are trying to win over one of the largest and most diverse generations - Millennials!

While Millennials are considered to be the 'selfie generation,' they're more complex than that. They were raised in an era of emerging technology and are extremely tech savvy. Millennials do most of their shopping online and have huge buying power in the consumer industry. They're indifferent toward traditional marketing techniques used on previous generations, like Baby Boomers and Gen X-ers.

Photo by  Brooke Lark  on  Unsplash

Photo by Brooke Lark on Unsplash

Attracting (and keeping) their attention can be difficult for most businesses. One study states that small business owners are missing out on connecting with Millennials because only 15% of small businesses actually market directly to them. However, small businesses can take advantage of this to attract Millennial shoppers.

Millennials are attracted to products that are unique, designed well, and made with quality. They want one-of-a-kind products and would rather shop at a local business to get their order personalized and customized than at a large corporation for a generic-looking product. They have a strong desire to know where their purchases come from and love to connect with the designers, makers, and business owners behind brands. Due to their strong sense of community, they pay attention to brands that practice social responsibility by investing or giving back to their communities. They love brands that challenge big business and support humanitarian causes like environmental protection, human rights, and labor issues. For some millennials, brands that have these qualities can be as attractive as the product or service itself!


Here's how you can attract Millennials to your small business:

  1. Engage on social media. 95% of millennials follow brands on social media. Not only should you create thoughtful, relevant content for your customers and potential customers to share with their network, but having consistent content across your social media platforms is crucial. More and more, customers are looking to communicate with brands on social media. Answer their private messages or comments, acknowledge them when they mention your business, or respond to their reviews.

  2. Collaborate with them. Millennials want to feel that they are part of something bigger. They love being involved in the development of new products. Taking the time to listen to their wants and needs and encouraging their input can help attract attention to your small business among the rest.

  3. Create a seamless experience. Add customers to your newsletter after they purchase from your site, and give them an option to review or share their purchase on social media with their own network. Send follow-up emails so they know how to contact your business if there's a problem with the order, or encourage them to write a review about your products. Having a seamless experience throughout their interactions with your business can help yours stand out!

  4. Don't forget about mobile. Sometimes businesses forget to check if their website is optimized to be mobile-user friendly. Make sure your website has responsive design by making sure all buttons, texts, and webpages will be seen. This is critical when your customers are purchasing or researching your business through their mobile devices.

  5. Use discounts and coupons. Use digital coupon codes! Send customers a coupon code if they sign-up for your newsletter, encourage them to share their coupon codes with friends and family. In this new sharing economy, Millennials love to share a good deal with their peers.

Millennials are working professionals, parents, and more — by understanding their characteristics, your small business can create marketing tactics that can reach them effectively. Among these tips, millennials just want to have fun! But remember, creating marketing strategies to attract millennials while still remaining authentic is key.

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