5 Ted Talks for Women Entrepreneurs to Break Through Business Endeavors

In the U.S., four out of every 10 businesses are owned by women with over 12.3 million women-owned businesses. While this number may seem daunting, the number of female entrepreneurs pioneering their own success is growing. We’ve gathered five women-led Ted Talks to offer advice, inspiration, and education for these females to overcome difficulties with business endeavors.


1. The Real Reason Why Female Entrepreneurs Get Less Funding | Dana Kanze

Dana Kanze, a doctoral fellow at Columbia Business School, discusses the underlying gender bias questions that investors ask entrepreneurs. The main catch: male entrepreneurs were asked promotion questions regarding assets, acquisition, and growth, whereas female entrepreneurs were asked prevention questions regarding liabilities, retention, and stability. Kanze offers a solution for investors and female entrepreneurs to tackle this gender disparity and equalize the quality of decision making.  


2. What Happens When Women Stop Believing the Lies | Mina Shah

Everyone has their own insecurities when it comes to success; these insecurities can stem anywhere from comparing yourself to others or being afraid of failure. Mina Shah, strategic coach and founder of Mina Meetings, focuses on a yearlong program that helps women understand their value and claim their worth. To help women break free from their insecurities, Shah has created three types of lies that women internalize - societal, familial, and intimate lies. In short, societal lies are the comparisons of our own happiness to those on social media; familial lies are fear-based lies that come from those close to us; intimate lies are justifications, hidden lies, or life incidents that secretly end up defining us. She concludes passionately by saying,“When you stop believing the lies, you get to embrace the truth.”

3. Women in Business: Entirely Unremarkable | Kirsten Hall

Should women be congratulated for their achievements in business or would this prolong inequality in the workforce? Kirsten Hall, project manager for financial services provider State Street, believes that the focus on gender should be shifted to skills and performance as objective criteria. “The existence of women in business networks, events and organizations, may inadvertently be perpetuating the very bias that they seek to overcome.” Hall no longer attends events that cater to women’s achievements, as she believes they encourage high achievements of women as unconventionally remarkable. 

4. Why You Need to Be a Bitch | Tabatha Coffey

“You’re a bitch.” Our first response to this word would be a passionately defensive, “No I’m not!” When spoken from one woman to another, a possible catfight can end with busted lips, pulled hair, and broken nails. But, Tabatha Coffey, Australian hairstylist and star of Bravo’s Tabatha Takes Over, explains that sometimes, women are called bitches by their own sisterhood for being unapologetically confident - a trait men are praised for. In this Ted Talk, Coffey creates with her own acronym for BITCH - “Brave, Intelligent, Tenacious, Creative, Honest,” so that next time you get called a bitch, you can respond with: “Hell yeah I am.”

5. Stop Sabotaging Yourself | Debi Silber

Life Coach and Founder of PBT Institute, Debi Silber, caters to helping individuals heal from their past betrayals, leading to transformation and growth. She explains the detrimental effect of staying stagnant, that we don’t want to explain our positive change to others because it’s too exhausting. But change is bound to come, because one day, “The pain of where you are becomes greater than the fear of the unknown.” 

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