Q&A with Pocket Square Clothing

With no formal fashion training, founders Rodolfo and Andrew established Pocket Square Clothing in 2011 as a men’s accessory brand. They have been crowd favorites every year at our Unique LA markets, and we've watched them grow from selling bowties to being leaders in the world of menswear. Now with their very own retail store headquartered in Downtown Los Angeles, PSC has become an incubator for the Los Angeles menswear movement over the years.

Why did you start PSC?

We started Pocket Square Clothing as a vehicle to explore our own individual styles. We went in knowing nothing about the industry and designing accessories was frankly something we were very interested in. It just so happened that men’s accessories started making a huge resurgence, and we found ourselves in a nice niche to build the brand.


What makes your company standout?

We take a lot of pride in manufacturing and sourcing our goods locally. It allows us to contribute to our local economy as well as empower our local community of designers and makers. To date we feature a collection of handcrafted bow ties, skinny neckties, pocket squares and custom suits/shirting. We’re not afraid to experiment with our designs and incorporate color and textures.

At our Flagship store in DTLA is a multi-brand Menswear concept space that features over 30 Los Angeles lifestyle based brands and designers. Our offerings at the store range from custom furniture, suiting, neck wear, eye wear, basics and more.


Where do you find inspiration?

Pocket Square Clothing is inspired by the idea that everyone can move forward in life through style and etiquette, and the belief that clothing is a language that communicates one’s individualistic qualities. We frankly pull inspiration from our daily lives through art, music, entertainment, architecture, and culture all around us. This is very much a reflection of who we are and is our effort to tell a story, to inspire and be inspired.

When did you first sell at Unique LA?

The first show we ever attended was Summer 2011 in Santa Monica where we showcased eight pre-tied bow tie styles. Two months into starting the company we hadn’t had much success with several craft shows and like many startups, we began to doubt our viability as a business. To our surprise, we sold through most of our inventory and received a lot of great feedback from our customers. It was that Unique event that proved our business model could work and brought us on a journey to where we are today. We’ve done every Unique LA show since.


What’s been the most important thing you attribute to your success?

Less talk, more action.

What’s your best advice to someone starting a business?

Be humble: Learn what your weaknesses are and work on them, nd a partner or group who can ll in the voids and balance you, a path traveled alone is hard and not that fun. Be engaged: You are the brand, so put yourself out there. Be Resourceful: constantly create and learn. Don’t be afraid to ask for help or ask questions, analyze, communicate, experiment, and reinvent. Complacency is your enemy, and sometimes you are your own.

Find your customer: Get to know your customer base and build a brand people can rally behind.

Favorite quote:
Rodolfo: “Just do it” Andrew: “Today you, tomorrow me”

Desert island album: Rodolfo: Jardin by Gabriel Garzon-Montano Andrew: Take Care - Drake

Beverage of Choice:

Rodolfo: Michelada Andrew: Iced Green Tea