5 Ways to Help Families Seeking Asylum


In case you are unaware, here is a recap of whats going on in America right now: 

Families who are crossing the borders into the US are being separated by ICE and border patrol. The adults (who are seeking safety and asylum from our neighboring countries)  are being criminally prosecuted while their children are taken and detained in government facilities alone. The children are being taken away at an astounding rate; on average 45 children per day since 2016.

So, cutting to the chase: what can you do immediately to help? We have listed 5 EASY ways to positively impact the human rights violations and atrocities that our government is knowingly implementing.


Talking is the first step, always. Talk about what's happening to your peers, coworkers and the man that pours your coffee, this way you can share your ideas and get a better understanding of what you might not be aware of! Also tweeting and re-posting on social media is literally the way we learn these days. If you are silent, you are part of the problem.

Two things you can do right now: Share this blog post and follow @aclu_nationwide. 

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You can donate however much you want at Secure.actblue.com, which will spread donations across 8 relevant charities and projects that are working tirelessly to support and protect these families. The ACLU, Women's Refugee Commission, Human Rights First, and Asylum Seeker Advocacy Project are some examples of the groups that your donation will be dispersed to. 


5calls.org is a great website to easily access a phone number depending on your location. By voicing your opinion to the staffers of your local representative, your opinion is basically tallied and informs the local government on how strongly the population feels about a certain topic. The phone call can take less than one minute. 


If you have call anxiety, text the free service RESISTBOT to get the word to your representative.  Text the word RESIST to 50409. 

5. READ ON...

Below are several links that will give you a better understanding of what is going on: 

Read about Jacob Soboroff's visit to an children's immigration holding facility,

Spoiler: its horrendous. 

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Read the New York Times article on the legality of whats happening. 

Read the fact checking article by the ACLU on all the theories that are swirling around the internet.

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