Rad School Supplies for Adults

It's back to school time! If you're like us, this time of year makes you nostalgic for the days of wide ruled paper and #2 pencils (were you on team Ticonderoga or Sanford Eagle?), and makes you wish you had a non-ridiculous reason to search eBay for a Lisa Frank trapper keeper or a plastic lunchbox with matching Thermos.

Since we can't find a respectable reason to attend a client lunch with Lisa Frank in tow, we're using that sweet nostalgia as a great excuse to refresh our work spaces and buy some new supplies. Here's a roundup of some of our favorite "school supplies" for the creative, modern adult. 

Clockwise from top left:

- Keep your shit together with the WTF Planner from Hadron Epoch
- Minty fresh backpack from Individual Medley fits a 13" laptop and a trapper keeper (probably).
- Pocket Art Director by Pretend Shop via Poketo because sometimes you still need someone to tell you what to do
- Check all the right boxes with this School Subjects Pencil Set from CW Pencil Enterprise
- For a more sophisticated lunchbox option, opt for the Waxed Canvas Lunch Bag from WAAM Industries
- Countdown the minutes until class is dismissed with this iconic IBM Standard Issue clock from Schoolhouse Electric
- Professionals can still pass notes. Decorate them with Bando's gel pens.
- And finally, the adult version of a Thermos: The Corkcicle Canteen

Screen Shot 2017-09-05 at 12.44.51 PM.png
  POCKET ART DIRECTOR by Pretend Store, available from Poketo
  SCHOOL SUBJECTS PENCIL SET from CW Pencil Enterprise
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