Buy Independent, Buy Better

"More than half of the fastest-fashion items made are chucked away within a year of production. But such rampant retail therapy costs the earth."

When it comes to clothing, buying from independent companies helps more than just the local economy--it has an overall positive impact on the environment. A recent article in The Economist highlights the detrimental environmental impact of our global addiction to "fast fashion"--garments made cheaply and quickly by large retail chains using chemical-treated synthetic fibers. As a result, we're consuming more clothes than ever before and chucking them into landfills faster than ever before.

Unique LA gives you an alternative to the fast-fashion driven retail chain stores. At Unique LA, you can shop from local and independent clothing designers that prioritize quality and craftsmanship over cheap and fast. At the Spring market, you will find:

-hand-dyed kimonos from Tuesday Scarves
-Turkish-inspired textiles woven by hand from Handloom
-small capsule collections sewn in California by Lacson Ravello
-lingerie made from recycled or naturally derived fibers from VAVA Lingerie

You can browse the 50 independent clothing companies that will be at Unique LA May 13 & 14. Tickets are on sale now!



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