Easy DIY Costumes to Beat the Halloween Stress

Trick or Treat Yo Self! 

With Halloween right around the corner, many of you have probably begun stressing about creating an effortless, yet unique costume in minimal time.

DON'T WORRY, WE GOT YOU Covered. Here is the Unique Markets round-up of easy and affordable DIY Halloween Costumes ideas that will set the bar high for any upcoming costume contests.



What you’ll need: A Green/Olive colored oversized sweater or dress, clothes pins or white paper and a flower. 



Starbucks Cup

What you’ll need: A tan dress, a printed starbucks logo, hot glue gun, paper towel roll, green acrylic paint, a foam brush, white felt, scissors and a headband. 






Brawny Man

What you’ll need: A roll of Brawny Paper towels and a red flannel.


What you’ll need: Plain red dress, Pinterest logo print out,  Pin it logo print-out and a hot glue gun.

Ice Cream Cone

What you’ll need: White Tee or tank, white tulle skirt or dress, white shoes, mini popsicle sticks, hot glue gun, brown paper, coloured paints, bobby pins. 




What you’ll need: A red hoodie, either aN ET mask, stuffed animal or ET face print-out, a white blanket to wrap ET with and a milk crate.


Bob Ross, little tree + squirrel

What you’ll need: Brown Afro, cardboard, paint, nail polish or markers. Brown long sleeve shirt or dress, one fall branch from Hobby Lobby, squirrel picture printout, hot glue gun.



Dalmatian + Firefighter

What you'll need: A white long sleeve shirt, black felt cut in circles, hot glue gun, tulle skirt, a hard hat and suspenders.


Cotton Candy 

What you’ll need: One white poster board, pink ribbon, glue gun, pillow fill, design master perfect pink spray for silk flowers, a white fitted long sleeve shirt and general purpose adhesive spray.


House Plant

What you’ll need: Crepe paper, corrugated paper, paint brush, green acrylic paint, brown felt, canvas straps, scissors, basket, hot glue gun and excelsior.

Bubble Bath 

What you’ll need:  White balloons, a shower cap and a yellow shower mitt.


What you’ll need: Red Flannel, beanie, jeans, suspenders and a toy hatchet.

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