Happy October! We are rapidly nearing the end of the first month of Fall. And although it still feels like we're in the throws of summer, with scorching temps here in LA, we're craving a new fall wardrobe. So it's time to get up to date with all the latest and greatest fall trends that we're crushing on over here at the Unique HQ!

After spending more than our average amount of time on Pinterest, we have rounded up a series of five fall fashion trends, which we will unveil over the next few weeks. 

TREND One : Pantone Colors

When transitioning into fall wardrobe, it is essential to keep the Pantone Color palette in mind. That is, darker hues like navy peony, golden lime, and autumn apple; which will help evoke a rusty and warm hue, reflecting seasonal vibes.



Resemblant of the pomegranate, this syrupy color is sure to make a bright and bold statement.

Tawny Port


Consisting of deep brown and amber hues, Tawny Port is the perfect color for embodying autumn tones. 


Ballet Slipper

Subtle, yet sophisticated. This pink hue is one of the many pantone colors that can be easily transitioned throughout all seasons.


Another color exuding warm and autumn vibes is Butterum. The fourth color of the pantone color palette can illuminate your wardrobe with its golden tone.  

Navy Peony

Dark, stable and refined. Navy Peony is the perfect hue for fall 2017, which can either be worn to the office or easily transitioned for date night.

Neutral Gray

The universal color. Despite its neutral name, Neutral Gray is another perfect color for making a statement.


Shaded Spruce

Emitting a forest hue of green, Shaded Spruce is autumns alternative of Teal.

Golden Lime 

Another vibrant color sure to make a statement is Golden Lime. Its yellow-green tones are perfect for making an impression this fall and also next summer.



The cool blue tones seen in Marina are perfect for creating a crisp and refreshing look during the fall.

Autumn Apple

Nothing screams “Autumn” more than the rusty and warm hues emitted from Autumn Apple.