Sonja's Favorite New Apps


I love my apps. I use them daily. They've almost replaced coffee. I have panic attacks when I look down at my phone to see 'shaking icons' and think I've accidentally deleted them (tell me I'm not alone here...). They have me under their spell. But it's not just a frivolous love affair, it's a mutual beneficial relationship. I give them some of my time, they help my business and my life. So yeah, it's love. What are some of my new favorites? See my must-have list below...

Visual geniuses and brands listen up! Phhhoto is my newest addiction and because it hasn't reached the masses yet it is the ideal time to get on board and start gaining a following! Very similar to Instagram, this awesome app allows users to make instant moving images and share them. You can scroll and look at their curated collection of #wow posts, browse your feed made up of friends and most important you can upload your pieces of moving art. It takes a bit of getting used to before you figure out how to create good posts but you'll get the hang of it. And become addicted like me!

This app will save you time, and if you own a small business your time is worth money! Shyp is an on-demand shipping app... Basically, they come to you to pick up all your items, they safely package them (yes, no more need to buy peanuts, look for packaging tape, etc.) and send them with the best-price carrier. I just sent my mom a bunch of little gifts and simply turned them over to Shyp, who packaged them into a box and shipped it for me. No more waiting in lines at the post office! They are open 7 Days a Week (8am-8pm local) in San Francisco, New York City, Brooklyn, Miami, Los Angeles.

Imagine being able to get rid of something in photo instantly... An ex, a bird, a cloud. TouchRetouch is a revolutionary app that enables you to get rid of unwanted content or objects from your photos! You literally use your finger to mark the items you want removed and hit ‘Go’. That’s all there is to it. I loooove this app. Why us it? Well, for example, I recently had an amazing landscape photo I wanted to post to Instagram but there was an ugly piece of trash on the ground. Using Touch ReTouch I removed it from the scene! It's kind of mind-boggling...

This one is going to blow your mind and save you time, if you live in LA, NYC, Chicago or Toronto)! Use Uber already? Well look over on the right-handside of the options (Pool, UberX, Plus, Black, SUV, Lux) and you'll see Uber EATS! Everyday they offer a menu of items based on your location. I ordered lunch and it was at my doorstep 9 minutes later! The options are basic for those where I am (LA's Arts District) but the food is great and I hear that depending on your exact location there is way more choice. This is a lifesaver for people who are too busy (or are quite simply lazy) to go out for a meal, make lunch or wait for delivery times of an hour.

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