Shop & Ship for FREE this weekend!

We are excited to share a special perk for our unique shoppers that we've been working on... Our friends at Shyp are offering on-demand shipping to remove the hassle of carrying bulky items while shopping at the Unique LA Spring Market, or to make it easy to send gifts to your loved ones! Shyp will provide a $25 promotional code for each person to cover shipping costs for items that they purchase during the event! Shyp will be sending your items on the spot to anywhere you choose. Look for the Shyp shipping center at the event, marked in the printed booklet available at the event.

In case you aren’t familiar, Shyp makes it easy to ship anything, anywhere; no boxes, no tape, no post office. Just launch the Shyp app, take a picture of your item, enter the destination, and Shyp comes to you within 25 minutes to take care of packing and sending it on your behalf. All this for just $5, plus the cost of shipping, which Shyp price compares to make sure you pay the cheapest rate. Shyp also recently launched a product dedicated to returning things you buy online. Available on both Android and iOS, be sure to check out this app on Thursday!