Why Staff Retreats ROCK!

After a very busy and productive 2014, the Unique team went on a much-needed three day staff retreat to Palm Springs! Even though our team is small, six people including full-time and part-time staff, we are mighty and accomplish a lot across three different brands: the Unique USA shopping events, The Unique Space and our creative conference CAMP.  What that means is that, like most small businesses, we all wear many hats and work on different projects. So our founder Sonja Rasula thought it was time we left our normal environment to concentrate on 2015 planning, biz dev and strategy, and to spend time together, bonding away from the workplace... WHAT AN AMAZING EXPERIENCE IT WAS!

Basically what it boils down to is that we invested the time into 'taking time out', which seems like a simple concept yet few small businesses do it. After the experience Sonja is now making it an annual retreat and we accomplished so much in just a few days, both work and play! We brainstormed website redesign, thought of new revenue streams, figured out the new company vision and mission statements; but we also had a great time deepening friendships, doing arts and crafts projects to foster our creative sides, and we had a blast cooking and drinking wine! One night we had planned to go out on the town but every single person opted to stay in to simply play Pictionary, which really shows how much fun we had simply hanging-out and getting to know one another! Whether you're a small business or a big one we think a retreat is crucial, the outcome of our retreat did wonders for us. Here's some of our photos we shared on Instagram using #UniqueStaffRetreat. 

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