Unique USA Family

We've been producing Unique USA, the largest Made-in-America market, for 6 years now! We truly feel we've created a community and a family with our vendors, sponsors and attendees. One of our partners-in-crime is Rafael Cruz and his team from Oh! Snap Studioswho have been with us since our very first show! They produce custom built photo booths for special events, and always come up with fun, wacky scenes for our shoppers to get creative together! Taking a free photo booth picture has become part of the tradition of going to Unique USA for a lot of families. Here's one in particular - meet the Remple family. 

They started attending Unique USA when their daughter was a young girl and have attended almost every market since, taking photos at the Oh! Snap Studios photo booth each time. Now, six years later their daughter is a teenager! It's amazing to watch her grow up in the photos from a cute, little girl into a beautiful young person! It's showed us how much we've all grown and how much we value being part of your family and your holiday tradition. 

Thank you for supporting Unique USA since the beginning and thank you for creating memories with us and our partners Oh! Snap Studios! 

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