DIY: Serape Print Shoes

If you you've taken a peek at my  blog…  you probably noticed how much I love myself some ethnic prints. I especially love it in small pops in a wardrobe and thought it would look great on the upper portion of this shoe. The steps are pretty simple and can be used on a variety of different shoe styles, maybe something that's already in your closet. Here's how...


- shoes
- serape print fabric (or any print you fancy)
- e6000 glue
- scissors
- pencil
- tracing paper
- tape
1. Trace the region of the shoe you would like the fabric to be placed on.
2. Cut out the drawn pattern. Tape the pattern onto the fabric and cut out.  Remember to do a left and right side.  Using a sewing machine, sew a topstitch around the edge of the cut fabric shapes.
3. Glue fabric onto the shoe using e6000.  There you go!  Easy breezy!!  SwellMayde serape shoes!