What Lies Beneath

As I walked the first few hours of Stair Trek last weekend (the “Toughest Urban Walk on Any Planet”) I realized while talking to some of my fellow walkers that stairwalkers fall into one of two camps: Those who look up, and those who look down. The people who look up get to see trees and architecture. The people who look down are rewarded with views of trash and infrastructure (and sometimes they’re literally rewarded… they find money!). Both methods are interesting, and there’s no right way, so I challenged myself as an “up-looker” to shift my eyes down for a few miles. And when I looked down I saw these…

I can’t believe in all my years of walking that I never noticed how beautiful LA’s manhole covers are! Such beautiful type, patterned according to what’s below, inevitably straddling a massive crack in the concrete. I may never look up again.

More photos from Stair Trek. And if you’d like to join a future Big Parade stairwalk, go here.

Alissa Walker is a writer, a gelato-eater, and a walker in LA. Follow her at @gelatobaby and read more at gelatobaby.com