The Modern Craft Project


I was recently invited to an intimate dinner at the Marvimon to learn about and celebrate Ketel One's Modern Craft Project. Friends from The Fox is Black, LA I'm Yours, Refinery 29 and Flavorpill were all there, making it quite a fun night! The superb three-course meal (by Animal!!!) and delicious cocktails were quite a treat, but the most interesting thing was hearing about the Modern Craft Project and realizing what a cool opportunity it is for all the amazing Makers I know!

Partnering with the global creative magazine Wallpaper*, Ketel One is on a quest to find contemporary craftsmen who bring traditional skills into the modern day. They're looking for people who want to take their work, their careers and themselves further. They are looking for great people who make great things, so whether you're a furniture maker, an illustrator or a leather accessories designer, all you have to do is apply online by March 20th. Unlike so many of these online talent searches, the Modern Craft Project's application is short and sweet - they mainly want to see your work and let it speak for itself. No need to enter 10 email addresses of friends, sign your life away or any other gimmicks. This is a pure celebration of great modern craft!


Oh wait, I didn't tell what winner get! Well I saved the best for last... Up for grabs is the chance to be featured in a unique Modern Craft Directory plus winners get coverage in Wallpaper*, and the extraordinary levels of international exposure that go with it. Seriously people, I really hope loads of you out there will apply since it takes no more then a few minutes! Ketel One will also be helping selected craftsmen to take their work to the next level and to an even wider audience by giving them the chance to win a share of the Ketel One Legacy prize fund.


Being with everyone at the dinner, talking about the city and our friends and our projects, I became truly appreciative of all the amazing artists and makers that I know. I'm surrounded by creative, forward-thinking, risk-taking Doers, who produce wonderful work! I hope may of you are reading this and really hope that you will apply to the Modern Craft Project. Getting the type of press coverage and prestige that Wallpaper* brings is such a dream! Let's turn it into reality...