Mas de Más Malo

Chef Robert Luna sits to chat with us about his journey into Mas Malo and his inspiration behind his Chicano menu.  C h i c a n o : A Mexican/American… a term of ethnic pride created in the 1960’s -1970s during the political movement.

I say Chicano menu because most people will go into MÀS MALO expecting to receive a full blown Mexican Affair but really the inspiration behind the restaurant is to celebrate the unique dishes of Eastsiders. Sure they serve your classic Mexican dishes  like tacos and salsas, guacamole and chips, but Mas Malo tries to bring you the traditional plates one may have grown up with.

It’s the tradition behind the food that I appreciated the most. Chef Robert and I reminisce on our mom’s gizados, beans, frijoles de la hoya con queso and other basic dishes that with little money fed our entire family.  It was true, creativity in the kitchen was the way of eating, we had limited ingredients but somehow the flavor was always incredible.  Robert jokes about the traditional Mole plate, and how it was just as good the DAY AFTER for lunch.  These classic dishes became our traditional every day dishes, that sometimes even lasted a couple of days, and the flavor was just as good.  Chile’s Rellenos, quesadillas, hand made tortillas, tacos tostados, birria, carne asada, are only a few other traditional plates that as Mexican Americans we have always incorporated into our meals.

Chef Robert shares it with all of LA, “its yours just as it is mine”, he says, this menu is for everyone.

Los Angeles is a melting pot as most say but sometimes we forget the hidden little corners, that make up a big part of the LA culture.  These different communities celebrate food and tradition and inspire most restaurant menus here in LA but few restaurants present and celebrate their tradition like MAS MALO.  The most unique part of Mas Malo is how many different kinds of people walk through those doors, it is a picture of what Los Angeles should be.

“Eating should be a communal experience”, says Chef Robert and we can’t help but agree with him.

If you want a taste of the Mexican American plates with exceptional and hospitable service, Mas Malo is the place to get it.  -Ella

MJ and Ella Favorites:

Soft Chewy Chips + Guacamole(#yum) + Flight of Salsas; Serrano Chile & Tomato, Chile Negro y Chocolate, Burnt Habanero & Creme, Tomatillo,

Birria de Res; Shredded beef in savory broth mild chiles (with Flour tortillas)

The Rooster; Guzano Mezcal, Bourbon, Lime Juice 

Red Eye; O Los Altos Reposado, Lemon Juice, float of Red Wine

MAS MALO: (Mexican)

515 W 7th St Los Angeles, CA 90014 Neighborhood: Downtown

(213) 985-4332

Other Locations:

Malo, 4326 W. Sunset Blvd @Silver Lake

*Special thanks to all of the staff including Gilbert and Matt for the experience…