Current Crush: Michelle Obama


If you watched last night's Oscar show you know that Jennifer Lawrence fell on her way up to the stage, that Renee Zelwegger could barely stand up and definitely couldn't read (I really hope someone close to her is getting her help...), and that the host Seth MacFarlane was awful. What you also know is that the First Lady made a surprise appearance and presented the award for Best Picture (via live-streaming). Her dress was stunning. The delivery of her speech was flawless. And unlike almost all of the other presenters (people who should be able to, well, act for 20 seconds and deliver a few lines without being awkward), she was cool, calm and collected.Is it just me or does Michelle Obama seem like the coolest woman on earth?!

Seeing her last night made me think of something else that she did this past weekend that was blow-your-socks-off-amazing. For all those out there who, like me, love to dance, this one's for you... Here she is with Jimmy Fallon in full "Mom Dancing" glory!