Breakfast in the 50's

We always enjoy the history behind the eateries we visit.  There is always something intriguing about knowing that past generations once sat, and enjoyed the same food you did.  Although Cafe 50s was not built in the 50s, the  memorabilia in this cafe takes you back to those times.

Ella ordered her classic breakfast, (scrambled eggs, hot cakes, and turkey bacon)

And because of MJ and his current re-interest in turkey chili for breakfast he ordered the Texan Omelet with an  English muffin.

The rest of their menu has plenty of choices we preferred their breakfast choices but after taking a glimpse at their 40 + flavored milk shake menu, we may have to go back for lunch!  They also have daily specials which are listed in their monthly calendar.

After breakfast we couldn’t help but look around, all the memorabilia in the restaurant left us in a 50s trance.  Everything from playboy covers, to cool old movie posters, news articles, magazine covers, post cards, mad men advertisements, every inch of their wall was covered with a bit of history from that era.

  Cafe 50?s

Yelp Says: 3.5* , $$
850 N Vermont Ave Los Angeles, CA 90029
(323) 906-1955