DIY: Studded Clear Clutch

There is something so beautiful about the minimal look of a clear clutch. I love that it also forces me to declutter my purse and only carry my essentials... absolutely the theme of 2013 for me. When I saw this beautiful style from Nasty Gal, I immediately knew what my next DIY tutorial would be.

Materials: - large paper (even use the back side of wrapping paper) - clear vinyl - button studscissorsstudse6000 glue  - bbq stick or wooden chopstick - ruler - scotch tape - sewing machine - sewing thread

Steps: 1. Cut a piece of paper: 12" x 19". This will be your paper pattern. 2. Tape your pattern onto the clear vinyl. 3. Fold the bottom piece up 7". 4. Sew the left and right side that you folded up 7". 5. The unfolded/unsewn part is the flap of the clutch. 6. Glue studs to the outside of the flap. Try putting a small amount of e6000 on a paper, and add glue to the stud using a bbq stick or wooden chopstick. The trick to keeping the stud layout very even, is it to place the ruler underneath as a guide for straight lines. Please note to keep a small area free of studs, for placement of the button stud (the closure of your clutch). I placed my 1" up, centered from the bottom edge of the flap. 7. Draw a very small X or dot onto the top layer of the clutch for the placement of the button stud. Have it located directly below the area you left without studs on the flap. It is important that these match up. Cut a very small X where you put the mark. Screw in the button stud here. 8. Now, close the flap and cut a small slit where the button stud lands. This is so that you can open and close your clutch.