Unique Markets


Now More Than Ever...

As you know, we've been working hard all year to bring you our first UNIQUE NYC. When the storm hit the area two weeks ago we were overwhelmed with emotion. Were our vendors safe, were they okay? Was our venue, just a block from the water, flooded or damaged? Would the city have power and heat? Since then we've banded together to push forward and help the city in the way we know how - to indeed bring the 1st Annual UNIQUE NYC Holiday Show to Center548 next weekend and support small business and creativity!

This past Tuesday our nation made numerous historical decisions. We are inspired, invigorated and excited for what is ahead. Next weekend let's come together to help the community, to give to and strengthen the local economy, and to support the made-in-America movement which helps our country grow and thrive. If you're not in New York, help us spread the word and tell/invite your friends in the area.

Because whether you're a shopper or a maker, we're all in this together...

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