Ke$ha says Voting is Hot!

I want you to vote this November 6 I heart voters, I really do. I'm not sure how many of you know the background of how I started the first UNIQUE LA, but it was right after the 2008 Presidential Election. Against everyone's advice ("this is the worst economy", "no one has money to shop these days", "don't risk your 401k on a new business in this recession") I created the event and never looked back because my gut-feeling was that I was meant to do this, all my experience leading up to UNIQUE had led me to it. And quite frankly, I needed a job! You see, after being let go from my dream job as one of the designers on TLC's Trading Spaces, I had a lot of time on my hands. I was already excited and passionate about politics and voter engagement (as one of the board members for Young Progressive Majority, a non-profit voter education organization), and decided to spend most of 2008 volunteering full-time as the Director. Our goal was simple: to get more people in their 20s and 30s to vote on the local level because so few people do. So, uh, how does Ke$ha fit into all of this? Read on...

That year I did a lot in the community to get people to vote. We set-up booths at festivals and concerts to register voters; for each election we would 'hit the streets' on popular intersections around town to promote and encourage voting; we researched, wrote and published local-level voter guides that helped educate on all the ballot options; we threw rad parties. And that's how Ke$ha found me and became a volunteer. Along with all of our amazing volunteers and board members, she was passionate about getting people to vote. Telling people to use their voice at the polling station. Just four years later Ke$ha is a superstar, I am blessed to be surrounded with creativity and community as one of the leaders in America's buy local/maker movement, and it's time to vote for President again.

YOUR VOICE MATTERS. How this city, state and country develops is up to us. Socialized healthcare, support for small businesses, better public education, new transportation ideas, support for the arts, grants and loans for American manufacturing - these are all things I care about but unless I vote, my opinions are mute. I have no right to complain about things like being denied health coverage from insurers (I'm one of those unlucky folks to have a pre-existing condition) or how bad the traffic is if I haven't voted.

This November I hope you'll use your voice and vote for what you believe in, for the things that matter to you. If you aren't registered, do it now by clicking the button below. If you're not sure the status of your registration, visit this page. Oh, and stay tuned for details about our amazing get-out-the-vote party early next year for the March election (we're choosing our next Mayor LA)!