Ice Cream with Sprinkles

The one thing I feel no one should ever have to say no to is ice cream.  On that note, when we were invited to join the Sprinkles Co-Founder, Candace Nelson, for some SPRINKLES ICECREAM and Champagne,  I had to say, “ bet I’ll be there….my idea of a great happy hour!”

Some people may say that the cupcake and ice cream fad is overrated, but in our opinion this is not just a fad.  Brands like Sprinkles are the pioneers to the pop up shops, bakeries, and pastry chefs who have decided to follow in the same footsteps; it is definitely something that is here to stay.  We feel that these movements are motivating local businesses to flourish, creating opportunities for other creative chefs.

Upon walking into the shop, I notice the quote on all the Sprinkles gear provided to their staff:  “Rodeo Drive is a giant butterscotch sundae.” -Andy Warhol.  I couldn't agree more.  We all know the success of Sprinkles Cupcakes, so if you are wondering whether or not Sprinkles Ice Cream is worth visiting, I think their reputation speaks for itself. Their ice cream shop is a modern take on your neighborhood ice cream shop; it’s fun and does a great job in representing real American Dessert.

Their flavors are so rich and each of them has a texture that surprises your every taste bud. The best part of my experience was the Sprinkles Cupcake and Ice Cream Combination—its pretty much insanely good.  I say "insane" because, as Candace and I pointed out, most women would probably be scared of it.  It was also a pleasure chatting with Candace about her take on desserts. She agrees on the notion that everyone should have a little something sweet after their meal.  She mentioned that if everyone just had A SMALL BITE of some real good "classic American dessert" like ice cream, a cookie, a brownie, etc… they would have just enough to satisfy their craving.  We did talk about the growing number of Gelato shops (which are also great), but Candace’s take on dessert is the old fashion Americano Sundae.

"We all know Sprinkles has inspired your creativity as a Chef but we want to know what childhood memories associated with food have inspired you?She was able to answer that quickly because her childhood memories are what inspired her to Co-found Sprinkles.  "While growing up overseas, there was nowhere to really get a real taste of American sweets or desserts”.  So she and her mother would bake in the kitchen.  These memories fed her growing love for American desserts.

"In the spirit of our #PrettyGirlsEat section and #LastMeal Segment, what would be Candace Nelson’s last meal?" And as a real pretty girl would say, she answers, “Pizza and a sundae,” her favorite dessert.  The combinations of flavors, the salty yet sweet taste, and the added textures in a sundae define true "Classic American Dessert."

"What’s next," I asked her, "donuts?She laughed and said, "Honestly, I didn't realize Sprinkles was going to be what it is today.” As she concentrated more on whole business side of Sprinkles, she knew it was time to do something fun again.  She found the perfect time to do it this year and she brought it back to basics, so naturally ice cream was next.  For now, while she leaves us wondering what her next move will be, at least we've got an ice cream cone to keep us happy. 


Salty Caramel - caramel ice cream flavored by small batch, housemade caramel and liberally sprinkled with imported fleur de sel crystals
Cap’n Crunch - caramelized cap’n crunch cereal playfully sprinkled into milky cap’n crunch flavored ice cream

Triple Chocolate - dense and fudgy dark chocolate ice cream layered with housemade chips made from bittersweet tcho chocolate and crispy cocoa nibs tuesday, thursday, and saturday