DIY Halloween Sun Jar

Halloween is just around the corner and I am very excited to share this DIY. I wanted to push myself out of my comfort zone of fashion, and get crafty and creative. Thank you to Martha Stewart Crafts for providing a plethora of amazing supplies to get my creative juices flowing. After gathering a few inspiration ideas together, I am really happy I decided on this Halloween themed sun jar.

Materials: - Glass Jar (here) - Solar Panel Lamp (here) - Can of Frosting Spray - e6000 adhesive - Martha Stewart Crafts: Holiday II Adhesive StencilsMetallic Opaque Glass Paint in Black NickelBristle BrushesStencil Tape

Steps: 1. Apply the adhesive stencil onto the outside of the glass.  Use several different stencils to create a dynamic look. 2. Using a brush, paint on top of the stencil.  Be sure not to paint beyond the outer edge of the stencil and if using the same stencil multiple times, be sure wipe off any excess paint on the stencil before placing it onto a new position.  Do not add too much paint.  Add a light coat, then add a 2nd if necessary. 3. Carefully peel off the adhesive stentils (while the paint is still dry). 4. Cover the outside of the jar using paper tape. 5. Spray the inside of glass jar with frosting spray evenly (one continuous spray to prevent uneven look). 6. Remove the top of the solar panel lamp.  Add a bit of e6000 to each side of the solar panel base, but to not add any glue to the actual solar panel. 7. Place of the inside lid of the jar.  Let dry for at least 1 hour. 8. To give it a orange glow,  I cut a square large enough to cover the light bulb area of the solar panel lamp from a plastic Reese's candy bag and taped it in place.