We're Baaaack...


Well our summer vacation, and my honeymoon, has finally come to an end. And while I make the same cocktail we enjoyed in Italy at home every night, as a way to hang onto the fabulous Tuscan times, I'm really excited for all the amazing UNIQUE plans that we have in-store this Fall. You'll hear lots more about this stuff soon but a few of the things we're working on are: the first-ever UNIQUE NYC; an exclusive coffee + whiskey tasting event at Handsome Coffee Roasters on October 18; a big 5-year-anniversary party in December; we're publishing our first magazine this December (in honor of our anniversary) filled with amazing photography/articles/fashion; a Holiday Pop-Up Shop in Chinatown that will be open Dec 1 - 23; our annual LA Holiday Show on Dec 1 & 2 and more! So while we hustle in the UNIQUE office, here are a few snapshots of my trip to Paris and Italy to peek at... There are only a few because we chose to take pictures on film throughout the trip - we're getting the negatives developed as I write this, which is exciting! Anyways, enjoy and we hope you had a great summer too!

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