DIY: Distressed Denim

I have been a denim lover practically my whole life. As a child, I lived in my Jordache and Guess jeans, and as I've grown older I've come to appreciate denim in a whole new light. It really has become my favorite canvas and I love that with different treatments and techniques, it can become something very new and fresh.

Materials: - denim jeans - sandpaper - utility knife - tweezers - cardboard

Steps: 1. Rub sandpaper several times over the area you would like to add distressing to. 2. Cut straight horizontal slits into the denim about 1/2" apart to the front side of the denim in areas where you rubbed sandpaper on. (Tip: Add a piece of cardboard inside the pant leg of where you are cutting to prevent cutting through to the backside of the jean). Once you have a layout that you like, throw the denim into the washing machine using cold water. Then, fully dry in the dryer. 3. Once it is out of the dryer, you can make the distressing look a little more natural. Using the tweezers, in areas where you cut slits, pull the indigo fibers, leaving the white horizontal fibers.