DIY: Chain Link Bracelet

I have been really inspired by chain bracelets lately.  Here is the first of 2 chain bracelet DIY's. When I saw this beautiful Marc Jacobs bracelet (here), I instantly knew what my next DIY would be. I love the gold chain against the elastic band. It feels chic, yet casual. Here's how to make your very own. Pretty easy peasy! Full tutorial after the break...

Materials: - elastic rope (here) - chain (similar here) - clamp (bought from Athenian Fashions) - pliers - sewing thread - e6000 adhesive

Steps: 1. Cut the 2 length of elastic rope (about 5 1/4" to 6" depending on your wrist size). Then, cut 1 piece of chain about 2" long. 2. Fold one cut elastic rope and fold in half. Loop through one end of the chain. 3. Take the two ends of the elastic and put through the loop. 4. Pull the two ends of the elastic tightly. Repeat steps 2 through 4 for the other elastic rope. 5. Hold all 4 ends of the elastic rope, add a dab of e6000, then wrap tightly with sewing thread. This will keep all the ends in place. 6. Add a small dab of e6000 onto the inside of clamp. 7. Place the clamp onto the wrapped ends. Tightly squeeze each side of the clamp using the pliers to secure the ends of the elastic rope.