Backpacks for Good

Matthew Clough has a beautiful story to tell. On his incredible journey through Tanzania’s Mount Kilimanjaro, he met a cheery man named Benson. Benson worked as a porter and after several days, the group learned Benson did not earn enough money to even put a child through school.

Although he conquered hiking the mountain, Matthew knew there was more to be accomplished when he returned home.

And that friends, is how Stone + Cloth began.

Stone + Cloth makes U.S.A. made canvas backpacks, where every $10 goes to their partnered supporter Knock Foundation, a company who believes in education and health care (among other things), for under privileged populations.

These well-built backpacks are made right here in Los Angeles, so not only does that make them super cool, but it also means if you buy one, you’re a supporter of better education. This is what we like to call, a win-win situation.

And for inspiration, their blog at: