A Shirt for World Peace Day

For those who don't know, today marks World Peace Day. When I heard that the Made-in-Los Angeles brand The Academy designed a shirt in honor of today, I headed to their website immediately. What did I find? The World Citizen Shirt, an amazing and beautifully designed shirt says something about the team behind the label - they took the time to concept an item that didn't just look great and fit well, but it actually stands for something. The tropical inspired shirt was released today, September 21st, perfectly timed to celebrate and observe World Peace Day.

Here's what they have to say about the cool shirts: "The Indigo blue floral print celebrates humanity's unity by incorporating the world's flowers into an updated version of the classic 'Hawaiian Shirt'. The camouflage floral iteration turns the notion of disguise on its head. Originally designed for clothing of war, this camouflage design blends the world's flowers together in an ironic acknowledgment of Peace."

I recommend getting a piece of this cool tribute to Peace ASAP. Seriously, if history serves as an example, I'd go online and snag one of these great shirts before they sell out! People have been known to literally buy the shirts off The Academy designers at our events. Have a great weekend everyone!