DIY: Triangle Bead Bracelet

I recently fell in love with this amazing triangle bead bracelet from Free People. Here's how to make your very own:

- large bugle beads (here)
- triangle beads (here)
- smaller beads
- string
- thin rope
1. Cut 2 pieces of the thin rope about 15 inches long. String both pieces through a triangle bead, leaving about 5.5 inches. Knot at both ends of the triangle bead. Loop one piece of rope through the left hole of the bugle bead, then loop the other piece of the string through the right hole of the opening. Pull all the way through.
2. Repeat for 4 bugle beads. String each rope through a triangle bead.
3. Loop through 6 bugle beads (like step 1). Then, string each rope through a triangle bead.
4. Loop through 4 bugle beads (like step 1). Knot, string both ropes through a triangle bead, then knot again.
5. Place on your wrist to check sizing of the bracelet. Then, add 2 knots, like photo, to create adjustability.  After leaving about 1 inch excess of rope, I added a single bead to each end as a design detail (this is optional). Cut off extra rope length.
Designer DIYAimee Santos