Buzzed: NYC Coffee Guide


 New York is filled with great fashion, music, art… And coffee! In the city that never sleeps, there's nothing quite like relaxing at a café with a delicious cup of coffee while reading a magazine (or these days an iPad). Here is a round-up of our fave coffee spots. Enjoy!

#1 Abraco - 86 E 7th St, East Village Tucked away on a quiet corner of the East Village, Abraco is our number one spot to get a truly well done caffeine jolt. Though tiny, the place boasts big flavor in their espresso drinks made from state-of-the-art equipment. We also love their iced coffee for a strong but refreshing and rejuvenating pick-me-up. The best part of Abraco? They offer a variety of options for a quick bite, ranging from cakes (must try the olive oil cake) to frittatas and decadent pastries. Heads up: they don't offer skim milk or artificial sweeteners. Its also cash only.

#2 Blue Bottle Coffee - 160 Berry St., Williamsburg SF transplants will appreciate the familiarity in the New York shops of this Oakland original. We like Blue Bottle's Williamsburg outpost the best, where you can grab a cup of coffee expertly crafted in one of their Japanese halogen-powered siphons, and follow with a lazy stroll through the neighborhood. It's a nice change of pace compared to Blue Bottle's other shop located in the heart of bustling, tourist-heavy Chelsea.

#3 Gimme Coffee - 228 Mott St., Nolita Venture down to Nolita for a great espresso from Gimme Coffee, a New York state exclusive coffee shop with heavy roots in philanthropy. They also sell a variety of their coffee blends, which serve as great gifts in the holiday season. Our favorite is the ever-popular Java Kayumas, a rich roast with caramel notes.

#4 BlueBird - 72 E 1st St., East Village If you're lucky enough to snag a seat in this little shop, it is a very pleasant spot to sit and sip an artfully created latte, complete with perfectly composed swirls of milk, as you read a book. Be sure to enjoy one of Bluebird's deliciously moist muffins as you take in the quaint, rustic bluebird-motif decor.

#5 Mud Truck - MudShop, 307 E 9th St., East Village You can't come to New York and not have a cup of Joe from Mud, one of the original food trucks of Manhattan. Stop by their truck stationed on Astor Place beside the uptown 6, or better yet, visit their cafe on 9th St, one of our favorite streets in the East Village. Cozy up on one of the seats by the window, or grab a hippie blend to go and check out the many shops on the street (Verameat and the Upper Rust are our faves!).

#6 Cocoa Bar - 21 Clinton St., Lower East Side This LES spot has a mellow vibe, enough chocolatey treats to satisfy the sweetest of sweet tooth's, and an assortment of wines if you're looking for a different kind of buzz. But the hands-down best thing about Cocoa Bar are their iced coffees, preserved cool and strong with coffee ice cubes. Need we say more?

#7 La Colombe - 270 Lafayette St., SoHo We first discovered La Colombe in it's native Philadelphia, and were thrilled to learn of three New York locations. We can't think of a better lifesaver for staying alert through a busy morning than their bottled, cold pressed "Pure Black" iced coffee. An instant wake up call and staple in our refrigerators!

#8 Bel Ami - 30 E 68th St., Upper East Side If you find yourself in the Upper East Side, stop by this French cafe for a latte and a quick bite. It has just the kind of inviting ambiance that makes it a perfect place to spend a rainy Sunday, or to take a break from a stroll in nearby Central Park. If you want to know what keeps us coming back to this gem, we'll tell you a secret: their salted caramel macaroons are so decadent, they're levels above the ones at the nearby Laduree!

#9 Cafe Grumpy - 383 7th Ave., Park Slope Brooklyn-ites swear by the Park Slope location of Cafe Grumpy, a coffee shop with a steeper price tag than most, but with the beans to back it up. Each cup is individually brewed with expertise and care from impressively sourced beans. This spot is mostly a grab it and go place - for a coffee hangout with a bit friendlier service, we'd opt for their LES joint. Either way, you can't go wrong with their espresso.

#10 The Smile - 26 Bond St., NoHo If you're looking for ambiance, this is it. Nestled on quiet Bond Street beneath the sidewalk, The Smile is perhaps our most beloved place to leisurely converse over a steamy cappuccino and a small bite or two. It is warm, embracing and relaxed - the ideal place to catch up with a friend or two on a lazy day.