The Summer Show Rocked!

What a Blast! The two-day show in Santa Monica's beautiful Barker Hangar was most definitely The Jam. Thank you to the amazing vendors who participated and to both our new and loyal shoppers... Because of you our 2nd Annual Summer Show had record-breaking attendance of over 11,000 shoppers, and we were able to give our non-profit partner at the event, Greenwish, a donation of thousands! We are thankful and proud that there are so many people out there who care about local design, made-in-America products and taking part in community. The amount of ticket buyers exceeded our expectations, and because we must place the order for the complimentary tote bags to be produced and printed weeks in advance, as some of you know we ran out of bags... :( I truly apologize and while I know it's not the same, I'd like to make sure you know how much we value your support and attendance - if you'd like to email us your mailing address by Monday (July 23) we'll send you a gift with other cool UNIQUE items, like our button-packs and notebooks. *We work extremely hard to create an event unlike any other, spending months at curating not only the great artists and designers but also bringing quality sponsors so that our guests enjoy really great value on top of shopping from and getting to meet all the made-in-America vendors. NO other show gives away the amount of cool extras that we do at UNIQUE such as free drinks (most other shows don't offer free drinks at all, let alone a free bar), multiple free DIY projects, free photo booths, and we're the only one out there that provides a free tote. I mention it because some think that the $10 entry fee is basically for the tote - not at all (we take a loss on the tote, plus donate 10% of ticket sales to a non-profit). The entry fee is so that we can afford to be a sustainable business, meaning that we are able to continue bringing you our events by ensuring that my staff and I get paid for our work and can make a living doing what we love -- Helping to sustain and grow local small business is in fact what the show is about, literally. UNIQUE shows are very large in scale; each event takes us 3 months to produce, we are quite literally the largest show of this kind in the country and the ONLY show on the planet to curate and offer made-in-America goods... My hope is that with or without the free tote/drinks/DIY projects/etc. you appreciate and love what we have created and understand how much hard work, heart and soul goes into our events. We add those great extras to show our appreciation and love for each of you, but it's not the focus for the show. Sorry for that mini-ramble! :)

We want to give props to our amazing partners Toyota, Square, Oh Snap Studios, I Spy DIY, Swellmayde, Diabolo, Hendrick's Gin, The Naked Grape, O.N.E. Coconut Water, Honest Tea and GT's Kombucha - their great support not only helped to make the event possible but to make it more refreshing and fun! The feedback y'all have been giving about our new Toyota Retreat has been really great to read. Yes, as you guessed, we worked very closely with Toyota to create an area we thought you'd enjoy, filled with free interactive activities such as live screen-printing, hair braiding and massages, kick-butt DIY crafts and more. We're glad you loved it!

As always, Oh Snap Studios offered unique portraits at their live photo booth… You can download your portraits here. See all of our Official UNIQUE LA photos from the event, plus share yours with us on our Group Flickr page!

Thanks again for a great event, we'll see you on December 1 & 2 for our 5th Anniversary Holiday Show! If you don't get our newsletter sign-up now to stay in the loop... :)