Songs of Summer

Let's try a test. Turn on your radio, flip through five stations if you haven't heard Gotye, F.U.N. or "Call Me Maybe", then I know you are listening to a Seashell.
I also know what you are thinking, "I don't listen to the radio," That would make me grossly unsatisfied with a thing called variety. Now that we are on the same page, I can ask you, why is Maroon 5 singing about pay phones past 1999?
Surely, they can afford cell phones. So toss the flavor of the week, these songs aren't played on the radio but should be on heavy rotation by July.
Eighth Avenue - Hospitality

The first song on every warm weather day - refreshingly honest lyrics that never compromise the sound.

This Head I Hold - Electric Guest
Better than Foster The People, more soulful, and lyrics that have nothing to do with school shootings. Oh you didn't know that's what "Pumped Up Kicks" was about? Oh spoiler.

Caught Me Thinking - Bahamas
A slightly rougher Jack Johnson type that probably can't surf because he's from Canada.

Cults - Go Outside
A little late on the trigger, their album was released in 2011 but it's far from being stale.

Morning Kisses - Theophilus London
A bit of hip hop born out of Brooklyn that is all the rage in Europe, off his latest Rose Island mix tape.  Quite the fashionista, Theophilus is known for being a true international artist that can sell out shows across the globe.

Alex Winston - Velvet Elvis
She's been remixed by Lady Hawke, compared to Chuck Berry, and is classically trained in Opera. She hails from Detroit and sounds like a groovier version of Joanna Newsom.