Jessica Barensfeld Adornment

Back in grade school, before Jessica Barensfeld had her own adornment line, before she had been trained as a goldsmith, and before jewelry design was "her thing", she made some pretty wild neon jewelry. Her medium of choice: puffy paint. Her vehicle: Keds, laces, socks, the whole bit. Oh, and of course their were woven friendship bracelets sure to grab the attention of passersby, and her constant best seller her glow in the dark snake earrings.

Based in NYC, Jessica has since left her days of school pop up shops for more stable gigs, yet her crafty roots remain. Today, Jessica's commute to work is several rungs down a ladder to a work space full of plants, books, music and two black cats. The space is large, airy, well-lit, and comes up in my Pinterest feed often. She is a self-proclaimed lover of old Cartier, Elsa Peretti, and pretty much all adornment from the beginning of time. Her most precious piece of jewelry is a jade ring, from her grandmother. A gift so dear she once jumped onto subway tracks to retrieve it after it had fallen off her finger; proclaiming that her favorite trait about jewelry is that it often holds value that is way beyond it's worth.

Her jewelry has a delicate nature about it, an inherit femininity that doesn't need to be defined with such obvious things as flowers. It is vibrant and detailed. It is bright, with plenty of brass and gold. The angel hair wrap bracelets, the garland rings, the topaz necklaces, the clove bangles, are all more reminiscent of lost treasure than an online find

If you are interested in perusing her fine wares you can visit her online boutique. The jewelry will also be available at a few select stores this fall, and will be posted on the site in coming months.

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