Francesca DiMattio: Modern Art

Based in NYC artist Francesca DiMattio, wears two braids that she weaves with scarves and ties at the back of her head. Similarly in her work, she also weaves together different inspirations: architecture, history, and culture. Her modern chaotic paintings are a product of the university she attended in the East Village of Manhattan, Cooper Union.

A school that is coveted for it's talented alumni as well as it's ability to offer all students full scholarship. DiMattio's work is exceptional, but she is not an exception among the talented alumni of the school, plenty of which have won prestigious awards, among them, the Nobel Prize, and numerous Guggenheim fellowships.

DiMattio shops mostly thrift stores and likes items that have lived a bit before her. In terms of wardrobe, nothing is off limits besides polyester - even maternity wear is fair game. DiMattio keeps an impressive collection of belts and has been known to hand paint shoe boxes.

Photos via Refinery 29, Adam Fedderly