Chaya's Beer Garden

Three words Japanese + Beer + GardenCHAYA Downtown celebrates the summer season with its 3rd annual Japanese Beer Garden, in downtown Los Angeles.

Our stomachs once again were satisfied.  The smell alone led us from the top of 6th and Flower down the stairs, into Chaya’s outdoor terrace. We had been passing Chaya for years on our way into the City National bank or the Los Angeles Library building but never stopped to eat there.  A bit intimidated by the “suits” of Downtown L.A. we shied away from it, until this summer, and boy were we in for a treat! We boarded the local Los Angeles Subway (yes there is a subway in Downtown!!) and in 15minutes arrived to 7th and Metro stop.  As we walked down about a block and arrived to the building we saw and smelled the smoke off the grill.  Arriving to our surprise the outdoor terrace was was set up reminding us of a summer BBQ with a Japanese flair, lit up by lanterns around the terrace. Business men and women rolled up their sleeves and enjoyed tasteful Japanese craft beers and Yakitori and Kushiyaki Chicken Skewers off the grill.  We had the opportunity to meet Chef de Cuisine Kazuya Matsuoka, he greeted us with smiles, schooled us on the original grill and Japanese grilling techniques and off to our food adventure we went.

Overall atmosphere inside and decor is uniquely impressive.  Not to mention the price is affordable but attractive enough to impress your date. The cool part of this experience was saying goodbye to Chef de Cuisine Kazuya Matsuoka, as he and his family enjoyed his own menu. It is always a good sign when the chef eats off of his own menu when he punches out.

Chaya Downtown Los Angeles
Yelp Says: 3.5/5* , $$$
525 S Flower St Los Angeles, CA 90071 Neighborhood: Downtown
(213) 236-9577