Best in Show

5 Ways to Attract Editors and Bloggers to your Booth

Consumers won’t be the only ones shopping Unique SF in a few weeks. Editors, bloggers, even TV producers will be roaming the floor, looking for new products to feature. An editor of 18 years, I’ve scouted many trade and indie markets for stories and products. Here’s what you can do to better your odds at wooing press your way.

  Announce products that are new!

Editors have a lot of ground to cover but not always the time hear your whole brand story. Point out new products or even best selling products in a new color with a tag or small sign. Why? Market editors are there to find new product before anyone else, to get a scoop. If we can spot new items without having to ask, it saves both of us time.

  Share your story

When people connect with your brand story, they are inspired to shop. When editors connect with your story, they are inspired to share it with thousands of potential customers.  Figure our ways to convey who you are in your booth design and product literature.

  Seduce press with great photos

Editors are looking for strong pictures that support your product and could possibly be used in their publication. Draw them in with great images.

  Consider custom USB drive business cards

Editors don’t want (or need) a lot of heavy promotional material to lug around. But they may want to blog about their best finds or share their favorite picks with their editors. Help them out by providing press ready, high-resolution images on a custom USB drive. Oversize 5x7” postcards with strong product photography on the front and press contact information on the back is also a great, and less expensive way of staying in front of the mind of media.

  Display past press

Success attracts success, right? If you’ve been featured in a well-known magazine or online publication, share it with your visitors. Editors want to look for those who are prepared to work with them.  We don’t need to see every last article ever written, but one or two of the best signals you have experience and understand our needs (and if you don’t, read Recipe for Press, Pitch Your Story Like the Pros & Create a Buzz).

Written by Biz Section editor Amy Flurry