DIY: Wrapped Bracelet

I am a really simple girl when it comes to my style.  My classic "Aimee" uniform consists of a white t-shirt or button-up and cut-offs.  I can basically wear that combination everyday, but what makes it feel different from day to day are the accessories.  My goal is to DIY more of them myself... so when I'm looking down at my arm party, it feels a little more personal.  Here's a fun wrapped pom pom bracelet I recently made.

- Rope
- Strand of Beads
- E6000 Glue
- 3 Colors of Embroidery Floss
- Pom Pom Trim
- Super Glue
1. Cut the rope to 10" long. Fold one end over 2" and using e6000, glue together leaving a loop large enough for the pom pom to go through. At the other end of the rope, glue and wrap the flat end of the pom pom trim around the rope about 1/2" below the rope tip.
2. Add a thin layer of e6000 to middle area of the rope, about 1" long. Wrap the strand of beads around the glue section. You can double knot at the beginning and end using the thin string that the beads are stranded on. Let fully dry.
3. Take your first color of embroidery floss, double knot onto the rope, leaving a 3-5 inch tail. Add a bit of super glue to the double knot to prevent it from unraveling. Begin wrapping around the rope and the embroidery floss tail until you achieve the desired length. Then, double knot with the tail end and add a bit of super glue to the double knot. Cut extra ends. Mirror this section to the other side of the beads. Repeat with the second embroidery floss color.
4. Repeat step 3 with the 3rd embroidery floss color, except when getting closer to the glued loop end, add a bit of e6000 glue to the end in order to secure the wrap. Note that the loop must fit the pom pom. Double knot with the embroidery floss tail and add a bit of super glue to the knot. Cut off extra ends.
5. Like step 4, repeat the embroidery floss wrapping except add a thin layer of e6000 around the pom pom trim area before wrapping. Then, double knot with the tail end of the embroidery floss, double knot. Add a bit of super glue to the double knot, and cut off extra ends.