DIY: Floral Print Denim Short

I'm really loving what is happening in fashion these days. Prints, florals and color are popping up in every direction. I never saw myself as a print girl in the past, but I have been taking more fashion risks lately in an attempt to find new outfit combinations that work for me. This DIY was inspired by my new found obsession with wearing mixed florals and have found that wearing color and unexpected prints really brightens up my mood! How can I have a bad day when ther is party going on in my wardrobe!? In this post, I will show you how you can update a pair of shorts with a stamped floral print so you can chime in on this trend.

- Denim Short (similar here and here)
Tulip Soft Fabric Paint in Marine Blue and Cool Blue (here)
- 2 Paintbrushes
- Paint Palette
- Floral Rubber Stamps (similar here)
- I used a variety of stamps that I had on hand. I recommend using a couple different sizes. Pour out each color of paint onto the palette. Paint a light coat of Marine Blue onto the stem and leaf areas of the stamp and Cool Blue for the flower areas. Be sure to use a light coat and maybe test it out onto a scrap fabric to make sure you like the look. Then, continue all around the short. As you are stamping away, I recommend cleaning the stamp (running it through water and wiping off any excess paint) after stamping a couple times, the fabric paint tends to dry pretty quickly. Let dry fully dry. Have fun!!