Dessert for Dinner

Ray’s & Stark Bar could not be more of an appropriate place to have Dessert for Dinner.  As many of you know we have no specific rules for traditional dinning.  Our taste buds have a life of their own.  We sometimes eat breakfast for dinner and dessert for breakfast…So with Ray’s constant evolution of their menu, we thought we should come back for more…

Ray’s & Stark Bar’s classic modern atmosphere inspires us to think outside the box and their menu encourages us to try something new.  We decided to begin our adventure with some Stark Bar Hot Seasonal Cocktails: Bobbin For Bourbon and Oaxacan Holiday.  Their “seasonal cocktails take inspiration from the flavors of the season, local produce, their Chef’s menu and the herbs that grow fresh in [their] garden.”

After CocktailsPastry Chef Josh Graves voted, “Best New Pastry Chef in LA”, in Angeleno Magazine, brought out a four course dessert tasting from his NEW RAY’S Dessert Menu.

In the spirit of the LACMA vibe, I could not help but look at the elements that made up our dessert.   The texture, color, and shapes helped our desserts resemble some sort of artistic rendition of a tiny master piece.

All the unique ingredients stood flavorful on their own but as soon as you dared to mix and infuse them all together, another incredible taste completely filled our palate.  What I enjoyed most was when the Chef took the time and detailed the natural gluten free ingredients, because of his consideration for some of his loved one’s needs.  I always say those little things, putting love in your cooking is always a key ingredient to a great meal.

I must say the most interesting part of my experience was when I went back to look through the colorful photographs of that night, my imagination continued to flow, I was begining to see interpretations of other food in my dessert! Ray’s and Stark Bar leaves an impression once again.

It’s definitively a place to discover a taste of delicious Los Angeles art.


MJ + Ella’s Desserts

Coconut; Coconut pudding, coconut macaroon, coconut, granita, guava frozen yogurt, calamansi gelée  9

Citrus; Lemon budino, tangerine confit, bergamot yogurt           

 Sticky Toffee Pudding; Date cake, redwine figs, goat cheese ice cream, toffee  9

Chocolate; Dark chocolate mousse, caramel sauce, milk, chocolate whipped cream, praline, chocolate, sorbet, hazelnut brittle  10


Ray’s & Stark Bar

5905 Wilshire Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90036 Neighborhood: Mid-City West (323) 857-6180