Help Make This Movie!

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We have discovered a delicious project to sink your teeth into...Decades is a beautiful/quirky/fresh/insightful film that has been 10 years in-the-making. I've become obsessed with it and hope you will too, because the film needs our help to get made. My talented friend Chris Redman, who you may recognize, came up with an idea with his friend 10 years ago that is truly magical - and totally genius. They filmed interviews with each other, with a plan to meet in exactly 10 years to see what changes or stays the same. The idea of documenting oneself discussing what the future will hold, investigating what life may be like, if tastes/political views/hopes and dreams have changed or not is such an intriguing subject. Chris has always been one of those guys that shines and stands out in a room filled with people but now that I know he has a tattoo on his body that literally features a date and time (May 3, 2010 / 1ish), I'm even more captivated! I'll let his words and trailer say it all...

"Ten years ago we filmed half a movie. Scenes and interviews with our future selves. Realizing that we'd captured something special, we got tattoos as reminders to meet and finish the film. It's time."

Since starting to raise funds for their film last month they've secured over $10k in donations. The pair needs $9000 more to finish the film, which will no doubt be a hit on the film festival-circuit. Let's show them the love y'all... Whether you 'like' their Facebook page, tweet about them, or share their website and donate, let's help get this amazing film made!