Caine's Arcade Scores Big!

Screen Shot 2012-04-11 at 11.37.18 AM

This is the coolest thing... EVER! I am so excited to witness such an inspirational story I can hardly type this post... You see last Fall my friend Nirvan Mullick discovered a story in East LA so good that he knew he wanted to make a short movie about it. We don't want to give too much away, since the film below tells the amazing tale, but I will say this: The power of community truly has no limits! The day that Nirvan shot the film I could feel the positive energy as friends spent the morning painting cardboard signs and neighbors cooked food to provide "Kraft Services". After the exciting day had passed even more people volunteered their time, like my sister Hilda Rasula who edited the film, so Nirvan could get it ready for a film festival. Well a couple of days ago Nirvan was ready to share the film with the world... When I started getting emails from friends in Canada, telling me they'd seen a video online with my sister's name in it, I knew that indeed the entire world had actually discovered it!

Within just 2 days Caine's Arcade has become a certified online hit, with over 1 million views and, get ready for this, over $80,000 in donations toward a college fund! O-M-G!!! Everyone here at UNIQUE is proud to have been a part of the great project -- props to our Twitter/Facebook fans who read about it last Fall and showed up to help surprise Caine that day. The Community around this film, which started in LA and now includes people from around the globe, is truly inspiring. Hopefully Caine's Arcade will be at the Spring Show so even more people can play his great cardboard games!